Monument Signs in Orange County, CA

Monument signs are a great way to put your business’ signage out there for everyone to see, away from the building as a standalone feature. It’s important to make the most of this advertising opportunity with outdoor commercial signs that are eye-catching and appealing. Sign Concepts takes pride in helping Orange County, CA businesses get the vibrant, durable signage they need to make a statement.

A Standalone Advertising Opportunity

Since they’re not affixed to the building you operate, monument signs offer a unique opportunity to advertise closer to your potential customers. This can be near the roadside, out in front of your property or even incorporated as part of hardscaping. We design outdoor commercial signs that look great wherever they’re installed! We do this by considering proportion and perspective, to deliver your business’ logo or message in a way that’s pleasant and digestible.

Our capabilities also extend to virtually any signage material. This means we can design for any type of placement and any aesthetic you’re going for. Offset your hardscape feature with a classic wood sign, or position vinyl signage next to foliage for a clean aesthetic. No matter what it’s made of, you can expect your monument signage to look flawless.

Monument Signs
Outdoor Commercial Signs

Outdoor Commercial Signs

Our team of licensed, bonded and insured installers knows exactly how to position your monument signage for maximum appeal. We take care of permitting to ensure placement complies with Orange County, CA municipal ordinances—then, we get it installed for maximum exposure and appeal. Passersby will instantly get the message, whether they’re on foot, in a vehicle or just happen to glance in your direction.

Make a Bold Statement With Signage

Outdoor and monument signs are an opportunity to increase visibility and exposure for your business. Sign Concepts helps you take full advantage of that opportunity, with signage that stands out and stands tall. From broad material fabrication capabilities to experienced installations, we help you amplify your brand through outdoor, lobby, or banner signage. Contact us today at 714-887-7100 to learn more.

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