Lobby Signs in Orange County, CA

Signage isn’t just important for bringing people in the building—it’s also important for welcoming them once they’re inside. Lobby signs and other reception area signage is the best way to make a great first impression. Sign Concepts helps businesses of all sizes, across industries, turn their lobbies and waiting rooms into a welcome place for guests and visitors. Whether you’re going for a creative approach or want to inform visitors to your Orange County, CA, business, we’re ready to get to work for you.

Creative Signage and Displays

Your facilities are an extension of your business and your brand. Don’t let blank walls or undecorated surfaces detract from the culture and atmosphere you’re working hard to cultivate! Instead, use creative lobby signage to make a bold statement on your walls. From the company colors and logos, to inspirational messaging and iconic images, we’ll help you make a bold first impression when it comes to your reception or waiting area.

Lobby Signs
Lobby Signs

Informative Reception Signage

Signage is meant to inform, and that includes simple lobby signage. From the linear history of your company, to information about the building, to maps that take up the entire wall, we make information appealing. Our informative lobby signs can help put visitors at ease or give them something to occupy their line of sight while they wait for you to come get them. We provide informational signage for businesses, schools, museums and more throughout Orange County, CA.

Bring Personality to Your Facilities

Who said interior walls need to be plain and dull? Let our shop create something beautiful, informative and inspiring for your reception area, lobby or anywhere else in your building where people congregate. Contact Sign Concepts today at 714-887-7100 to discuss digital printing and design concepts and installation services for office and reception signs.

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